Book proofs? No problem!

Futureproofs makes it easier and quicker to publish on time – saving you money, reducing your risks, and making your team happier.

Work on screen, wherever you are, with whoever you need

With tools based on 20 years of editorial and production experience, Futureproofs solves the problem of on-screen proofing for book publishers. It's no wonder our users find that work takes 'a fraction of the time' with our 'frankly gorgeous' markup tools, which combine the best of traditional workflows with the best of modern technology. We give editors, proofreaders, authors and designers the tools they need to manage their projects well, to minimise risk and to deliver on time.

Effective on-screen proofing

Simple, powerful markup that just works. Publish faster and improve your margin. Full 360° workflow includes everyone. No software to install – just needs a web browser!

Work together

Upload and share PDF proofs securely with your team. Work simultaneously. Effective collaboration gets queries resolved quickly. Instant, accountable communication.

Reduce and manage risk

Anticipate and avoid problems with real-time data for clear insight. Automated audit trails ensure you know what decisions were made. Management reports provide perspective for leaders.

Shortlisted for major industry awards by

Futurebook 2014, by The Bookseller
Quantum Innovation Award 2016, by the London Book Fair
The Stationers' Company Innovation Excellence Award 2016

Why use Futureproofs?

You may have used generic PDF software in the past, but Futureproofs is designed just for book publishing. We understand what editors, proofreaders, authors and designers actually do, and we build tools for those jobs.


Futureproofs uses established markup standards (BSI and Chicago) to minimise the amount of data entry needed.

Fully digital

Futureproofs uses modern gesture recognition to remove the need for complex palettes of tools.

Hosted in the cloud

Browser-based and cloud-hosted, Futureproofs needs no installation and is always up to date, wherever you are.

Real-time insight

Always know what's going on with your projects so you can deal with issues before they become problems.


You need clear communication among your team, and Futureproofs helps with easy querying, resolution and tracking.

Whole workflow

Futureproofs helps your whole team work effectively, with tools for the jobs they do every day.

  • All the tools you need

    Our toolbar gives you search, navigation, zoom, info, queries and more.

  • Just draw

    No complex palettes – just draw on the screen as you would on paper, and Futureproofs gives you the markup you need.

  • Artworks & text

    Mark up art just like text, with gesture-based and freehand drawing.

  • Role-based access

    Choose who can access your content and how much information each person can see.

  • Deep insight

    Real-time data puts control in your hands. See if the schedule is slipping, or extra changes are being made.

  • Detailed records

    Find out who made what change and when. Review conversations and decisions.

Loved by publishers around the world!

Easy to get started

It's free to sign up for an account, and you can use the provided sample project to try out our tools. And it's always free for any user to sign up to work on a project.

A one-off trial with your own content costs just £99, and includes 30 days of access for as many people as you need, two projects, all features, and the training and support you need to get started.

What does it cost after the trial?

We have a simple subscription model based on your publishing volume.

Look at your publishing plan for the next 6–12 months, find the total number of pages you're publishing and work out the monthly average – it's that simple!

There is no charge for extra users or proof stages, and you can choose to pay either monthly or annually.


paid annually

  • 150pages per month
  • 10projects total
  • Unlimitedteam
  • Reports
  • 1 hourtraining
  • Chat & emailsupport
  • Pay bydirect debit
    or credit card


paid annually

  • 500pages per month
  • Unlimitedprojects
  • Unlimitedteam
  • Reports
  • 2 hourstraining per year
  • Chat & emailsupport
  • Pay bydirect debit
    or credit card

Best value


paid annually

  • 1500pages per month
  • Unlimitedprojects
  • Unlimitedteam
  • Reports
  • 4 hourstraining per year
  • Chat, email & phonesupport
  • Pay bydirect debit, credit card or invoice

Need more?

You can boost your subscription with extra pages, training or support, according to your needs. For example, you could get 5 days of implementation support in your first year to get your Futureproofs experience off to a great start. Or, if you expect publish on 2000 pages each month, you can buy a Pro subscription and add a 500-page monthly boost.

Page boost

Additional parcels of pages to let you get even more work done.

500 extra pages per month: £239 per month (paid annually).

Training boost

All our plans include training but you can arrange extra training sessions if you need them, delivered either on site or by video.

By video: £60 per hour.
On site: £100 per hour (plus expenses).

Implementation boost

We can help with your rollout of Futureproofs with tailored consultancy to help review your workflows, develop new processes and support your team properly.

£500 per day (plus expenses).



  • What happens at the end of my trial?
  • Can I pay monthly?
  • What counts as a "page" for charging purposes?
  • What if I use more pages than I expected?
  • Do your prices include VAT?
  • Will I get a receipt?
  • Can I pay by invoice?
When your 30-day trial is over, you and your team will still be able to access your proofs, and to add markup, deal with queries, export master proofs and so on. But you won't be able to add any new proofs or create more projects.
All Futureproofs plans and Page Boosters are available on monthly plans, but note that we only accept credit-card and debit-card payments for these unless the total exceeds £900 a month (as indicated in the table above).

Intro – £120 per month.
Indie – £350 per month.
Pro – £1150 per month.
Page Booster – £299 each.
We count pages based on the maximum size of your book during production. So, a 240-page book will be counted as 240 pages, no matter how many proof stages it goes through. If a book starts out as 232 pages and then increases to 240, the 232 pages will count in month they are uploaded, and the extra 8 in the month they are uploaded.
We average your use over three months (or over the whole year, if you pay annually). This means that we can take account of the peaks and troughs that affect everyone's workload. We'll never cut you off because of an unexpected peak – but we may ask you to take more Page Boosters!
If you are based in a country within the EU then we must charge VAT on top of the prices shown on this page, unless you provide us with a valid VAT number. If you are not resident in the EU then we will not charge you VAT.
All credit-card or direct-debit customers receive both a receipt monthly including details of each payment (and VAT, if appropriate) by email to your registered email address.
If you are on the Pro tier then you can opt to pay by invoice on 30-day terms. If you choose to pay by invoice then we will send you an invoice each month. All our invoices are on 30-day terms, and your continued service may be in danger if you do not pay within that time. Also, note that we will charge for the first two months up front for all monthly invoice accounts to ensure that payments remain current.